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This is the LMFFabris Website

I'm a university professor

Being an architect, I obtained a PhD in Architectural and Environmental Technology, a Master in Urban Planning and Environment, and I’m an associate professor in Architectural Technology and Environmental Design at Politecnico di Milano, where I teach at the AUIC School’s MS in Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and do research at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. Visiting professor at European, American and Asian Universities, I focus on subjects related to contemporary built environment, sustainability and landscape.

I'm an architectural journalist

As a journalist, I’m writing for the international reviews The Plan and ABITARE and I have been Editorial Director of the Italian architectural magazine ‘YouBuild’, and Scientific Director of the ‘Environscapes’ book series published by Maggioli Editore. Editor, scientific referee and reviewer of various university publications, I’ve written several books and essays about sustainability and environmental themes also contributing to specialized journals.